About the idea

Imagine Tinder going to bed with Uber and Trip Advisor. And they are naughty in there.

That's privateParty for you.

PrivateParty is a tool for you to browse through hidden, exciting and exclusive activities happening in your neighbourhood, or the new city you're visiting and probably you don't know of. It provides you with a list of events in your area that will start in the next few minutes so you will make it on time.

This tool is for the businessmen on the road, the lonely ones that want to check what is under the surface of every city, the couples that want to try hidden restaurants and for the ones that want to feel special. This tool is for you.

PrivateParty will allow you to:

  • look for exclusive activities in your area that are currently active or will be available for you within the next 15 minutes

  • attract big spending out of town clients to your events

From the user's perspective

It’s a miserable wet day. The airport was annoying, as usual, the flight was packed, and the traffic into the city was nose to tail. You have had eight hours of travel hell. You need to relax, unwind and find something to make all that time worthwhile.

You got to your phone, open privateParty and started swiping looking for something, special something, or someone.

Maybe a few spins of the roulette wheel, a little bit of action. You know there’s a game on somewhere, and privateParty gets you there.

The privateParty app will allow you to search for entertainment close to your location, based on your preferences, desires and distance. You will see the list of all the events available in the next 15 minutes. You can change your search preferences as well as the timeframe when the event should take place.

From the service provider's perspective

It’s been one of these days, other places are full of people. A quick look at the screen of your phone displaying your bank account balance and the mood is gone. It’s time for a change.
Your place is empty again, there is no one new coming and spending big. You must find a way to get more people in.
But how?

privatePartyHost allows you to advertise your place, increase your customers' numbers and find safe, verified new guests.

The privatePartyHost app will allow you to enter the world of entertainment with ease. You are one app away from becoming your own boss.

With the simple step-by-step wizard, you will be able to create your event and promote the details of what you are offering.

When someone is interested in participating in your event - you will receive a popup notification. With a simple tap you can see customer information and rating, and then accept or decline their request based on their profile and the people you want at your event.


Founding party!

Łukasz Wędel


Experienced manager with over 13 years in IT, 10 years in operations and project management.

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Justyna Wędel

Designer & Frontend Developer

Two years of experience in the industry, passionate about design and fan of the mobile first approach.

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Adam Mucha

Backend Developer

Developer with over 13 years in Java and all the libraries you can imagine.

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Are we looking for you?

Are you experienced Product or Marketing specialist with history in Uber or Tinder? We are looking for your help, feel free to contact us on LinkedIn!

Interested in investing?

We are currently before the initial round of funding, feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn if you would like to make us an offer.


Q1 2019


The official start of the project - new website and demo (link)

In progress

PoC to be released to customers in Krakow


Initial customers feedback and product updates

Go live in Krakow

Want to know more?

How does it work?

PrivateParty is a tool for browsing through exciting activities in your area. We are the solution that is a mix of Tinder, TripAdvisor and Uber with all its benefits.

  • You can quickly get access to hidden & exclusive events in a safe way

  • Our reviews are based on real experiences - only participants of the event can comment after the visit

  • Our activities are in your neighbourhood - so you will not get tempted by something hours of drive from your area

In our application, we have two types of accounts, one a participant of the activities and one the event manager.

The participant is called the guest.
As a guest, you can browse through:

  • the events near you*

  • events open now or will be open in the next 15 minutes*

  • events fitting your preferences*.

* You can quickly change these parameters from your profile page

We are providing you with a list you can go through swiping left (not interested) or right (want in). During the browsing, you have access to the event page with photos and description - which is created by the host. You should check the previous guest reviews, to see if this is what you expect.

When you decide you are interested you will have to check the availability of the host - a request for confirmation will go to the host. The host has 1 minute to confirm.

You will have to pay the entry fee. We are allowing you to use known existing and safe solutions - PayPal, Neteller, etc. The transfer will be connected with a random name from our wallet “game-shop, tickets and a lot of more” so that it will not be combined with the pParty.

After payment, you will receive a message from the host including details for the event and contact details. There is just one missing thing before the ride, the confirmation of the meeting taking place. The host will scan your QR code.

After the end of the event, you will be able to put a review.

So in a TL DR fashion, as a guest you can:

  • Browse through the activities in your area that will start soon

  • Change the distance, start date and other parameters of the search

  • Pay for the event in a safe (known solutions) way

  • Enjoy your time during the event - with a cashback option if this is not what you have expected

  • Put a review and - if you wish - mark event as the favourite

The creator of the event is called the host.
As a host, you can create an event, provide all details of it and decide on multiple configuration options. For example:

  • Is the event just for a single person only or a group of friends or couples

  • The event length and preparation time needed before the next event

  • The event cost and availability time

As a host, you can create the event and publish it for all the audience in your area. The event creator wizard enables you to easily create an eye-catching description and configure it as you wish. After creation and the initial configuration of your event, you will wait for the people to start storming in.
If you have created the event with payment via the app, You can focus on different tasks until the alert informing you that you have the guest waiting for confirmation.
You will have 60 seconds to confirm, so make sure the phone is close to you. We will provide you with the information about the guest. His average score and latest comments so that you can make sure the people that are visiting you are your kind of guests.
Then the guest will come to check-in, make sure you are scanning his QR code to verify he is the one. After that, the cash and guest are all yours. When the event is over, you can review the guest - both in a star rate as well as in text.

PrivateParty is:

  • Incognito - it stores as little as possible on your phone; you can always enter our website and use it without a trace (incognito mode)

  • Secured - it uses multiple payment providers so you have the option to use the one you feel the most secure with

  • Verified - it collects anonymous reviews after visits which are available for you to browse

  • Legal - the offers are compliant with the local regulations

  • Safe - you can entirely remove your account anytime, all your data will be deleted/nullified

Value proposition

Below you can find a few issues we are trying to solve with our tool.

From the Guest's perspective

  • Easily finding entertainment in your area Being alone in a new city is hard. Not knowing the area, neighbourhood and even the mentality of people living there can lead to many disappointments. But being in possession of a tool that allows you to see the entertainment in your area, gives you the option to check and try new things you always wanted. Who knows if in your home neighbourhood there is someone who shares your wildest dreams.

  • Finding entertainment in the blink of an eye No matter if you were looking for a hairdresser or a bar - you know how hard it is to find a place open when you need it. With our tool, we are searching for entertainment accessible in fifteen minutes from now. So that you will have “it” when needed.

  • Reliable reviews that allow you to check the quality of the service wherever you are Have you ever visited a restaurant that looked so good from their website and turned out to be a shithole? Things like that happen in every industry. We will use the simplest solution to make sure that your visit will not be a regrettable one. The system of comments (text and “stars”, important: only from users that have been at the host) will give you the full overview of your next adventure.

From the Host's perspective

  • Easy access tool for someone who wants to try the business Our dreams are sometimes hard to fulfil - being blocked by your fears is something every single one of us felt. We are here to help. With our solutions, we are providing safe space for you to try new things. We have an easy tool to set up a host account and verify guests that will visit you. You as a host will have the option to say “no” based on the reviews of your guest or the face to face meeting. You will have secured payment being transferred and stored on your wallet.

  • Handy time and data management Having a “do it all” application for a busy person is a dream come true.
    With our tool you will be able:
    To monitor your account - you can transfer the cash to your bank - anytime.
    Time management - making sure you have enough time to prepare and get ready for next guest.
    Search terms revision - access for data like - most common search terms in your area, queries used to find you, and many more - you will be able to change the service you are offering and gain even more attention.

  • Limiting “time wasters” Providing a service for guests is often connected with tricksters wastings your time for a laugh. By booking time and blocking the funds on privateParty, we are drastically reducing the number of tricksters trying to waste time and reduce your income

  • Getting to the right people in right time People handling leaflets on the streets during evenings are a big crowd, with our tools we are providing the business owners with direct access to the people that Are lurking in their surroundings. With this, we are cutting the middleman and reducing the costs for hosts and quality of life for guests.